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Starboard Cleaning: Shining on Sea and Shore

Starboard Cleaning: Shining on Sea and Shore

Launched in 2020 by high school buddies Finn, Jack, and Mike, Starboard Cleaning specializes in detailing services for boats, cars, and homes from Brigantine to Cape May. Expanding to include trash can cleaning in 2023, they've cemented their reputation for comprehensive care. Dive into the full story and discover an exclusive spring discount below.

Starboard Cleaning: Shining on Sea and Shore

Last summer, we highlighted the growing business of Matt Hladczuk of Beach Set Up Guy, who started a business venture while in college to service the growing need for beach set-up services throughout Avalon and Stone Harbor. 

A similar story continues below, following high school friends Finn Loftus, Jack Pilling, and Mike Quirk who began Starboard Cleaning in 2020 while attending La Salle College High School. It’s interesting to note that Hladczuk and the partners from Starboard Cleaning share more than just an entrepreneurial spirit; they all attended the same high school - which certainly played a role in their journey toward successful entrepreneurship.

Owners of Starboard Cleaning Service standing with a customer on a dock.
Another happy customer. Starboard Cleaning partners Mike Quirk, Jack Pilling, and Finn Loftus stand with Philadelphia Flyers legend Bernie Parent.

Since establishing Starboard Cleaning, the business has grown, and so have the partners, as they attend universities across the Northeast, yet continue to come together every summer to deliver unmatched detailing services, from the decks of boats to the driveways of homes. 

Spanning Brigantine to Cape May, Starboard Cleaning’s portfolio now includes marine detailing, mobile car detailing, and residential pressure washing. This growth and evolution for the business reflects the partners’ commitment to quality and convenience which has resonated with their faithful customers. 

Detailing Services Across the Board

Starboard Cleaning’s signature is its holistic approach to maintenance. Boaters benefit from a seasonal regimen that prepares, maintains, and wraps up their boating season, from beginning to end. This includes a detailed spring prep, followed by regular upkeep throughout the summer, and ends with a thorough cleanse before winter storage.

Starboard Cleaning employee cleaning a jet ski that is sitting on a dock.
Starboard Cleaning offers exceptional mobile marine detailing throughout the Jersey Shore.

The business’ car detailing service mirrors this process, bringing services directly to the client’s location. Similarly, their pressure washing service revitalizes homes as the summer season begins, stripping away layers of dirt and grime left behind by the winter storms. 

Starboard Cleaning now offers power-washing.
Starboard Cleaning recently expanded its services to include mobile car detailing, trash can cleaning, and pressure washing.

Innovation and Client Focus

The partners recently introduced trash can cleaning services to their customers in 2023, tackling that “summer stink” we all know as those cans carry through a season of celebrations, dinner gatherings, and of course, crab nights. 

Moving forward into 2024, Starboard Cleaning is collaborating with another college student turned business owner, Zach Marion of Shoreline Waste Solution. Marion is in his second year with his business, a curb-to-curb trash and recycling service. His services are offered to residents and rental tenants who need assistance after a check-out bringing trash and recycling cans out to the curb, and back again (with a Starboard Cleaning washout in between). 

Shine Before the Line!

Starboard Cleaning is kicking off the 2024 boating season with a 10% discount on spring detailing for appointments scheduled by April 1. This offer includes a full boat detail, ensuring vessels are in top shape inside and out for the upcoming season. So be sure to book now so your boat is ready for its first summer voyage!

For more details about Starboard Cleaning and to explore its pricing and services, follow them at @starboardcleaning.

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