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High Dune Baking Co. - A Legacy of Love and Baking in Avalon

High Dune Baking Co. - A Legacy of Love and Baking in Avalon

High Dune Baking Co., formerly 27th Street Bakery, reopens March 16 in Avalon. Owners Maeve McNamara and Andrew Stanton blend tradition with innovation, offering quality, locally-sourced baked goods. Open nearly year-round, High Dune seeks to become an Avalon staple, celebrating local traditions and culinary craftmanship with a focus on scratch baking and delicious sweet and savory treats.

High Dune Baking Co.

A Legacy of Love and Baking in Avalon

A Christmas display and Christmas coffee cup, with a holiday wreath in the window.
High Dune Baking Co., formerly 27th Street Bakery, will reopen for the season on March 16, 2024.

In Avalon, a new chapter unfolds with the reopening of 27th Street Bakery after a brief winter hiatus. During that time, owners and husband-wife duo Maeve McNamara and Andrew Stanton took time to envision a brand for their business - with a focus on quality service, great ingredients, and the customer experience.

With careers within the hospitality business, husband-wife duo Andrew Stanton and Maeve McNamara are excited to launch the newly rebranded High Dune Baking Co. - focused on quality, scratch baking, and community spirit.

And so, on March 16, 27th Street Bakery will reopen its doors after its soft launch this past fall, with a new name, a new brand, and a re-energized focus on quality, scratch baking, and community connections.

With that, we welcome High Dune Baking Co. - a venture that is not only a business but a continuation of a family legacy.

A baby walking down a hallway at a bakery.
This family legacy continues with Maeve and Andrew's daughter, Maureen, age 1. Maureen has been present and enjoying the process of launching a bakery business, especially the sweet treats that come along with it.

A Legacy Crafted in Dough and Love

Maeve’s connection to Avalon is not just geographical, it’s woven into her very being. 

“Avalon isn’t just where I grew up; it’s part of who I am,” she says. “This bakery is my way of sharing that legacy with others.” Maeve’s approach to the newly rebranded High Dune Baking Co. is deeply influenced by her childhood upbringing and experience in the baking industry.

From an early age, Maeve was immersed in the world of baking, learning the ropes at her family’s business, Kohler’s Bakery. For 10 years, Maeve worked alongside friends and family, mastering the craft, and developing a deep-rooted passion for scratch baking, and commitment to quality ingredients. 

Maeve McNamara at a bakery counter.
Pictured at age 3, Maeve learned the art of scratch baking at an early age, working alongside family and learning the ropes at Kohler's Bakery.

This passion, along with the combined decades she and her husband have spent in hospitality, is what built the foundation for High Dune Baking Co. 

High Dune’s offerings combine a testament to Maeve’s baking heritage and her team’s culinary innovation. From the nostalgia-infused seashore classics including sticky buns and donuts, to quiches, scones, and even fresh baked bread, each menu item gives a nod to the past while also embracing new flavors and trends.

Quiche, scones, pies, and of course, sticky buns - High Dune Baking Co. will offer a wide array of savory and sweet treats, with a focus on local and fresh ingredients, and all made by scratch baking.

“We’re excited to offer a blend of traditional and contemporary, and make sure there is something for everyone,” says Maeve. “We’re also focusing on freshness and local sourcing as much as possible so we can support other local, small business owners in the process.”

Building Community Through Culinary Collaboration

At the heart of High Dune Baking Co.’s mission lies a goal to create a warm, inviting atmosphere where customers are not merely visitors but valued guests encouraged to unwind and savor the moment. Maeve and Andrew envision the bakery as a space for indulgence and relaxation, where the hustle of a busy summer gives way to the comfort of savoring a freshly baked delight in good company. 

Dune Shops image with Christmas lights on the railing.
The corner of 27th Street and Dune Drive will be a hub of business this year, with the opening of High Dune Baking Co., and the relocation of Goodness Bowls.

Their new neighbors, Goodness Bowls, further help to enhance this vision allowing for a communal space where customers can enjoy a diverse range of treats and menu options while patronizing both businesses. 

A Modern Twist on Traditional Service

And with that old-world nostalgia comes just a little modern twist, one that will further encourage customers to relax, and enjoy their time on the corner of 27th Street and Dune Drive. A new and unique waiting system will be introduced this summer, where customers take a number, scan a QR code, and track what number is currently being serviced. This allows patrons to grab a cup of coffee, head over to Goodness Bowls, and essentially NOT stand in line on a Saturday morning. 

People standing in the back of a bakery.
Maeve is pictured here making her first batch of dough this year at 27th Street Bakery. Pictured in the background: Maeve's aunt, Christina McNamara, Bernie Bischoff who sold Kohler's to the McNamara family, and who has also become a part of the family, and Walt Hohman of Wards Pastry in Ocean City, who brought his recipes and industry knowledge to Avalon to assist with the Grand Opening.

Embracing the Seasons of Avalon

Understanding the pulse of Avalon life, High Dune Baking Co. aims to be a year-round business for locals and visitors alike. Maeve and Andrew plan to operate on a 10-month calendar, remaining open from early spring through the end of the holiday season with a schedule that ensures that both residents and tourists can enjoy fresh, quality baked goods for the majority of the year.

Christmas cupcakes in boxes on a counter.
With hours throughout the year, High Dune Baking Co. will be available for not just a summer sticky bun, but also birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more.

“We want to be a part of your traditions, whether it’s a summer beach day or a cozy fall morning,” says Maeve. “By staying open nearly year-round, we hope to become a staple in our community’s daily life, not just a seasonal treat.”

And so we welcome back High Dune Baking Co. and look forward to its opening on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend starting at 8am - with a few Irish-specific treats and family recipes on display. 

The opening of this bakery is a continuation of a story created by family, tradition, and community. Maeve and her husband, Andrew, look forward to preserving and further enriching the legacy of good, quality, scratch baking, and invite every visitor to become a part of their extended family, one delicious bite at a time. 

Freshly baked apple pies, on a display tray.
High Dune Baking Co. will open or the season on Saturday, March 16, 8am - and we can already smell the deliciousness!

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