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Goodness Bowls: Nourishing the 7 Mile Island One Bowl at a Time

Goodness Bowls: Nourishing the 7 Mile Island One Bowl at a Time

Goodness Bowls, the popular wellness-focused eatery founded by the mother-daughter duo Sue and Corinne Persichetti, is entering an exciting new chapter with its relocation to 2713 Dune Drive in Avalon, NJ. Known for its fresh, healthy food options and rooted in the philosophy "What you consume, consumes you," Goodness Bowls aims to spread goodness through delicious, nutritious offerings.

Goodness Bowls: Nourishing the 7 Mile Island One Bowl at a Time

Goodness Bowls is embarking on an exciting new chapter, with a new home at 2713 Dune Drive. Moving from its original spot at 21st and Dune Drive, this well-loved dining option has grown its reputation for fresh, healthy food options. The business is expanding not just with a new physical location, but also its mission to spread goodness throughout the 7 Mile Island…and beyond.

Orange and red juice with lemons on grass.
The North Shore and Tumeric Detox juices created by Goodness Bowls.

Founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Sue and Corinne Persichetti, Goodness Bowls operates on a simple yet profound philosophy, “What you consume, consumes you.” Inspired by the mantra of author Vex King’s “Good Vibes, Good Life,” they began this journey as Corinne graduated college in 2019, and have since created a hot spot for wellness enthusiasts. 

Staff members at Goodness Bowls standing behind a counter.
Smiling faces greet customers at Avalon's Goodness Bowls, now at its new location: 2713 Dune Drive!

A Vision of Goodness

Behind Goodness Bowls is a story of passion and determination. Corinne, with a background as a competitive athlete and wellness journey, alongside Sue’s corporate acumen and support, was able to transform a turnkey business into a thriving community staple. The business has grown since its opening in 2019, leading to an additional location in Villanova and plans for further franchising.

Goodness Bowls owner Corinne Persichetti sitting on a chair in the restaurant.
Owner Corinne Persichetti opened Goodness Bowls in May 2019.

“Coming out of college, Corinne had a vision to build this business,” Sue says. “So I jumped in with support. I bet on my daughter.” 

Good bet, Sue, good bet. 

A Taste of Goodness

At the core of Goodness Bowls’ menu, you will find items that not only are delicious but also provide substantial health benefits. 

“My journey as a D1 college athlete, combined with my personal path to wellness is what attracted me to this growing healthy food scene,” Corinne shares. And her passion for fresh, healthy, and delicious food is mirrored in every menu item.

The “Main Squeeze Juice” one of Corinne’s go-to grabs is a blend of kale, celery, cucumber, apple, and lemon.

For those seeking more solid sustenance, the Caprese Avo Smash (the author’s must-have at least once a week), and the Don’t Kale My Vibe salad are staples that highlight quality and fresh ingredients. 

Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and avocado on toast.
One of our favorites - the Caprese Avo Smash.

Delicious food, that’s also good for you? Yes, please.

Expansion and Community Engagement

The move to 2713 Dune Drive marks a significant milestone for Goodness Bowls. When the opportunity arose to relocate and enhance their offerings, the duo jumped on it. The new venue boasts a larger space with an outdoor patio allowing patrons to stay and savor their meals. This change reflects their mission to be a part of Avalon’s close-knit community and provide a space where people can relax, connect, and enjoy.

3 customers sit at Goodness Bowls with juices on a table.
The new location, with expanded porch space will allow customers to sit and enjoy lunch throughout the season.

“What excites me the most is witnessing the change in how businesses are working in general, and seeing that reflection in the service Goodness Bowls offers,” Sue says. “It’s so rewarding to bring back simple joys - truly knowing our customers, taking the time to sit down together for a meal, and creating enjoyable experiences, rather than mere transactions.” 

With an expected Grand Opening on Mother’s Day Weekend, Corinne is also hoping to provide extended summer hours into later in the afternoon welcoming late-lunch diners and iced-coffee enthusiasts who need that afternoon pick-me-up. In addition to later hours, they are also aiming to extend their season to cater to the growing trend of visitors returning to the island after the summer season. 

An image of a variety of food options including acai bowls, avocado toast, a salad, and a blue smoothie.
From juices to acai bowls, salads, and more - Goodness Bowls has something for everyone looking for healthy, nutritious, and delicious food.

Goodness Bowls is not just about healthy food, it’s about creating an experience. 

“We’re excited to partner with fellow new-business owners at 27th Street Bakery and Black Cactus, and envision 27th Street to be bustling with activity, shared customers, and success,” Sue says. 

So this season, whether you’re indulging in an Avo Smash or savoring a Chicken Salad Tartine, remember you’re not just eating a meal, you’re becoming a part of a movement towards a healthier, happier community. 

Cheers to Goodness Bowls, where every bite is a step toward eating, feeling, and doing good…in Avalon and beyond!

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