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Aviation Sports Complex Partners with Next Level Soccer

Aviation Sports Complex Partners with Next Level Soccer

Cape May County is poised to become a sports and community hub with the upcoming Aviation Sports Complex, scheduled to open in early 2025. This state-of-the-art, 80,000 sq. ft. indoor facility, featuring 60,000 sq. ft. of turf and 20,000 sq. ft. of hard court space, is designed to host a multitude of sports and events. A significant milestone in this project is the partnership with Next Level Soccer (NLS), co-founded by Austin Johnson and Jay Mancuso. This collaboration promises to enhance local sports training and provide a year-round venue for community engagement, positioning Cape May County as a premier destination for athletes and families alike.

Cape May County’s Aviation Sports Complex Partners with Next Level Soccer 

In an exciting development for Cape May County’s sports scene, the proposed Aviation Sports Complex, a state-of-the-art indoor facility, is set to revolutionize local sports training and events. Spearheaded by partners Jamie Sutton and Bob Buglak, the complex aims to open its doors in early 2025, promising a new era of sports and community engagement for Cape May County.

Spanning 80,000 sq. ft., the dome will house 60,000 sq. ft. of turf and 20,000 sq. ft. of hard court space. Designed as a multipurpose venue, it will include a welcome center, food facilities, and areas for parties and corporate functions, establishing itself as a central hub for sports and special events within Cape May County.

Introducing NLS: A Partnership Set to Boost Local Sports

Next Level Soccer Co-founders, Jay Mancuso and Austin Johnson.
Next Level Soccer Co-founders, Jay Mancuso and Austin Johnson.

This milestone in the complex’s journey highlights a collaboration with Next Level Soccer (NLS), founded by Austin Johnson and Jay Mancuso in December 2021. Both Johnson and Mancuso, brothers-in-law with impressive soccer backgrounds, aim to offer high-level, club-neutral supplemental training focused on individual skills and small groups. 

Participant doing soccer drills during a NLS training.
Focused and Determined: Athlete performing skills at NLS Soccer Training Session.

NLS, known for training male and female athletes in the area, from youth to professional levels, is set to direct all sporting events and operations at the complex, once construction is complete. This partnership will not only focus on soccer, but also encompass basketball, football, lacrosse, wrestling, baseball, and any other sports requiring top-notch facilities. Johnson and Mancuso’s goal is to offer a community hub that offers everything from youth and adult programs to spaces ideal for birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and even college recruitment camps for residents and visitors to Cape May County.

participants doing soccer drills at a NLS training session.
Teamwork in Action: NLS athletes sharpening their soccer technique together.

Buglak, inspired by the professionalism and community focus of Johnson and Mancuso, sees this partnership as a commitment to elevating local sports, allowing athletes of all ages to train and excel without having to leave Cape May County. 

Building Toward the Future

NLS trainers Mancuso and Johnson with soccer trainees.
Guidance on the Field: Mancuso and Johnson mentor future starts at NLS Soccer workshop.

With recent approval from the DRBA, the project is moving forward to finalize civil engineering plans before presenting them to Lower Township for voting. The remaining planning stages are estimated to take up to 5 months, followed by breaking ground and starting the construction process. 

The initial phase of the complex focuses on the indoor facility, with future expansions in the works to accommodate outdoor sports and league play. With a vision to make the Aviation Sports Complex a nationally known hub, the partnership between the complex and NLS symbolizes a significant leap forward for Cape May County’s sports infrastructure. The initiative reflects a shared goal of fostering talent, supporting the community, and creating a year-round venue for athletes and families to enjoy.

For more information on Next Level Soccer follow them on Instagram: @nls.aj     

Stay tuned as I Heart 7 Mile continues to report on the latest updates as this project moves forward! 

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