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Groundbreaking Aviation Sports Complex to Launch at Cape May Airport

Groundbreaking Aviation Sports Complex to Launch at Cape May Airport

In an innovative initiative that aims to uplift the local community and fuel the sports and recreation sector, a new sports complex is coming to Cape May County. The FAA has granted approval for development at the Cape May Airport, and the developers hope to present building renderings and plans for Aviation Sports Complex to the township for approval in the coming months

The brainchild of partners Jamie Sutton, Nick Sylvestro, and Bob Buglak, this state-of-the-art indoor sports complex features an 80,000 sq. ft. dome-shaped building. The venue, the first of its kind in Cape May County will split its space featuring 60,000 sq. ft. of turf to cater to sports including soccer, lacrosse, and flag football, with the additional 20,000 sq. ft. designated for basketball, volleyball, futsal, and more.

The innovative use of available space will also feature a welcome center, food facilities, and space for parties, making it not only a hub for sports but also an exciting venue for special events.

Buglak, a local realtor and loan officer with TriState Lending Group, sees this as a scalable business opportunity, providing a significant boost to the local economy during the off-season with tournament opportunities and extended sports league play through the winter months. In fact, the idea for the location of the complex was sparked by Buglak’s son, a member of a local soccer league, having to travel a significant distance over the winter to attend his team’s indoor soccer training, since there are no indoor facilities in this area.

In addition, Buglak and his partners aim to give back to the community with this complex in a number of ways including potentially organizing self-defense training for local organizations and residents, and even collaborating with schools to provide activity opportunities for special education students throughout the area.

The developers are in the planning phase and aim to work with local contractors and planners to bring this vision to life. If the venture proves successful, there’s potential for future expansion at the airport site. The partners for Aviation Sports Complex hope to open doors in 2024, marking a new era of sports and community engagement for Cape May County.

Stay tuned as @IHeart7Mile follows this new venture! We’re so excited for this great opportunity!  

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