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2024 Recreational Development: Avalon NJ Tennis Courts

2024 Recreational Development: Avalon NJ Tennis Courts

In 2024, Avalon is adding three new tennis courts at the 8th Street complex, expanding its recreational offerings and catering to the demand for tennis facilities. This enhancement complements the existing courts, reinforcing Avalon's status as a vibrant beach destination. Adjacent basketball courts will temporarily close for construction, while pickleball courts remain open. In Stone Harbor, infrastructure upgrades on 96th Street aim to improve roadways and utilities, ensuring accessibility while businesses operate as usual. These developments underscore the region's commitment to enhancing visitor experiences and amenities, catering to both tourists and residents.

2024 Recreational Development: Avalon NJ Tennis Courts

Avalon Enhances Its 8th Street Recreational Offerings with New Tennis Courts

Avalon is in the process of enhancing its recreational landscape in 2024 with the unveiling of three new tennis courts at the 8th Street complex. This addition, located within the 8th Street complex, is a testament to Avalon's dedication to promoting an active lifestyle and meeting the rising demand for tennis and racket sports facilities. By expanding Avalon's sports infrastructure, including the existing 10 courts and the new 8th Street complex, the town caters to sports enthusiasts' needs and boosts its appeal as a vibrant, family-friendly beach destination in New Jersey.

Is Pickleball Affected By the Addition of These Courts?

During the installation of the new tennis courts in Avalon, the adjacent basketball court will be temporarily closed to ensure safety and facilitate construction, however, the pickleball courts will remain open and accessible for enthusiasts looking to enjoy a game​.

Space is cleared for three new tennis courts in Avalon's 8th Street recreation complex.
Space is paved for the installation of three new tennis courts at Avalon's 8th Street Recreation Complex.
The new tennis courts are on the east side of the recreation complex adjacent to the basketball courts.
The three new tennis courts will be on the east side of the complex adjacent to the basketball courts.
96th Street construction continues with the installation of a water main, closing access to vehicular traffic during weekdays through February 2024.

Infrastructure Update: 96th Street Construction in Stone Harbor

In addition to Avalon's recreational enhancements, Stone Harbor is undergoing significant infrastructure improvements on 96th Street. Scheduled for completion in late February, this construction project aims to upgrade the area's roadways, pedestrian paths, and utilities, including the installation of a new water main along the 200 block of 96th Street.  

The construction is expected to last four weeks, with the road fully closed Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. However, to minimize disruptions, the eastbound lane will be accessible during non-working hours, and sidewalks will remain open throughout the construction period. The road will reopen for weekend use, ensuring access from Friday evening until Monday morning​.

Work on 96th Street in Stone Harbor continues through February.
Pedestrian traffic along 96th Street between Second and Third Avenue remains open, and storefronts are open for business during construction.

Tourism Outlook for Avalon and Stone Harbor: Dune Drive and Beyond

The simultaneous developments in Avalon and Stone Harbor underscore the region's focus on enhancing the quality of life and visitor experiences through both recreational and infrastructural investments. As these projects progress, they promise to bring renewed vitality and convenience to the borough, further establishing it as a premier destination for beachgoers, sports lovers, and anyone looking for a serene escape with top-notch amenities such as kayaking, boating, and other water activities.

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